“My year 9 and 10 drawing classes were very engaged by the ArtMaker tutorials. After they’d watched the video, they were able to draw the still life accurately and closely replicated the lines of the objects. The tutorials are really good resources for teachers who want to show demonstrations to their class but are afraid to do so. The lesson notes were also very helpful and gave the students a way to process the information they were watching.”

Melinda Hodges, Visual Arts Teacher, International Grammar School

“I trialed ArtMaker videos with 15-16 year old students with Intellectual Disability and Aspergers Syndrome. The students found the activities easily accessible. The language and breakdown of tasks into easy to follow steps suited the learning styles of our students. It is without hesitation that I recommend this programme as an integral part of any art curriculum that is used to support students with special needs.”

Ian McDonald, Head Teacher, Support Unit, Warilla High School

“I very much enjoyed watching this Still Life series. It’s like attending a first-class art lesson at an Art School. I found the section on perspective especially helpful. My husband was so inspired that he bought some drawing paper to start drawing after watching the lessons with me. I confidently recommend it!”

Joan Scougall, Art Student

“My [high school] students were absolutely mesmerized by the lessons. These normally rowdy students got immediately on task. Many of them took notes from the lesson without instructions to do so. They were fascinated to watch and learn. It was like having a guest teacher in the room. By the time they had finished watching they were motivated and ready to draw.”

Coco Elder, Visual Arts Teacher, St Luke’s Grammar School

“The ArtMaker Still Life short course is fantastic. All of the tutorials have so much information, and are so easy to follow and learn from, that I was compelled to go and start drawing straight away. I highly recommend this, especially as it is one you can keep going back to!”

Marian Robertson, Art Student

“I watched the ArtMaker Still Life series, and think it’s really great — very clear with an enormous amount of information conveyed in an easily understood format. A most effective teaching tool which can be watched many times”

Susan Rothwell, Architect/Drawing and Painting Student

These courses are almost ready...stay tuned for some exciting changes!


These courses are almost ready...stay tuned for some exciting changes!


These courses are almost ready...stay tuned for some exciting changes!