In order to protect the interests of ArtMaker and its members the following activities and actions are forbidden.

  • Posting of pornographic or ostensibly lewd imagery is not permitted.
  • ArtMaker does not discriminate. Racial, sexual and political orientation is of no interest to ArtMaker except to protect its members from abuse from attacks based on such.
  • Links pointing to sites for warez and other piracy, pornography, or any links or opinions that encourage discrimination as defined above.
  • Profanity.
  • Other language deemed crude according to commonly accepted decency standards.
  • Abusive, derogatory language, or any language designed to intimidate or harass.
  • Nonsensical words, including any words not intended to foster polite discourse related to art practice.
  • Political views and speech deemed disruptive to constructive and harmonious artistic discourse. Take it to another website – there are many to choose from.
  • Personal attacks and flaming in the form of insults and other antisocial behaviour.
  • Blatantly commercial postings that attempt to seize access to ArtMaker community traffic by non-participatory agents looking to spam the forums with advertising.
  • Shortened URLs (while a valuable tool in many circumstances) are not permitted. We do not have the resources to verify the propriety of individual target destinations. Spell the link out in full, or do not post it.
  • "Off-topic" posts, whether started as new threads or added to ongoing threads are not permitted. "The Lounge" Forum has been created for general discussion and miscellaneous soapboxing and chat.
  • False identities used for the purpose of violating these terms are subject to public disclosure of true identities, at the discretion of ArtMaker management.
  • Impersonation of other members is prohibited.

The occurrence of any of the above will prompt a review action, and possible ban.

In order to ensure that new members understand these Terms, their posts will be individually moderated, and, if meeting the standards described here, made public as quickly as possible. Once a pattern of posting in keeping with these standards has been established, moderation is removed so that newer members can begin posting directly to the boards. Posts that fail to meet these standards are subject to any punitive action chosen by ArtMaker Productions, at its sole discretion. The ownership and management of reserve the right to moderate any accounts associated with violations, or to close them altogether.

Real Name Policy:
ArtMaker forums are run by real people who want to interact with real people. Real names must be displayed and so screen "aliases" will not be allowed. The use of real or given names in our peer-to-peer environment is designed to encourage open discourse and foster deeper personal connections between our members. It also reduces the masking of identity that can lead to flaming and other unsavoury online behaviour. We expect ArtMaker forum members to be responsible for their work, words and actions, so we will not approve membership for those who do not wish to make their identities public.

Originality, Copyrights and Ownership

  • All work posted in ArtMaker forum and gallery spaces must be original, and the work of the submitting member.
  • Links to copyrighted work, made for the purposes of critical artistic discussion must credit the copyright owner as the source of the work.

ArtMaker accepts no responsibility for copyright violations, and will rigorously side with the copyright owner in pursuing reparations against the offender for violations posted on the ArtMaker site.

Any posts made in The ArtMaker forums is public, without restriction.

Members are free to publish their work in other forums but ArtMaker reserves the right to use the content of any ArtMaker Forum post in advertising, publicity, or other commercial or non-commercial material in promotion of the ArtMaker community, with credit, but without compensation to the author. ArtMaker will never undermine an author`s reputation, and all such use of a member`s work will be for the purposes of positive promotion of the ArtMaker community, unless another explicit agreement is entered into with the Author. Any commissions or content for which ArtMaker may pay, will become exclusive property of ArtMaker. Unpaid submissions, reviews or other content (including copyrighted material) will remain in ArtMaker library until its removal is requested by the Author in writing via email, and will be removed within 30 days of receipt of request.

ArtMaker is very serious about protecting the privacy of its members and visitors. Please read the full privacy statement on our site.  With the specific exceptions noted above, members are free to provide as little or as much information about themselves as they wish.
Email addresses will never be publicly disclosed except when false identities or impersonations are used for the purpose of violating these Terms, and to protect other ArtMaker Members and subscribers.??ArtMaker may use cookies for preserving member choices when they return to the ArtMaker forums and galleries. Cookies may also be used to track user preferences to help us to further improve the ArtMaker experience.??ArtMaker will not sell our database or make it available to other parties. Your contact will only be used to help you manage your account, and keep you informed of your account status as required. If you choose to opt out of our marketing and news feeds, we will make it easy for you to be removed from such mailing lists upon request.??We may solicit sponsors to help support the many free services provided on our site but your contact will not be made available to the

Change of Policy

ArtMaker reserves the right to change its policies without compensation or apology. Changes in policy will be posted in our news feed, and for the record on the General Business Forum for all to access.